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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping Ahead - Now is the time!

I know I've posted about shopping ahead previously, but wanted to put a quick reminder out to everyone that now is a great time to get that gift stash stocked up.

With all of the great deals that come around during the holidays, there is no better time to purchase some gifts that you know people will love and set aside for birthdays or other celebrations you may have throughout the year. I am still using some of the gifts I purchased last year during the holiday season for the millions of birthday parties we attend.

I try to buy things that aren't super trendy as you never know when they won't be so cool anymore. Books, classic toys and other not so trendy things make great additions to your gift stash.

I also love to give memberships to fun places instead of more stuff to the kids in our lives. Watch the daily deal sites to snag some great deals on memberships for the families and kids in your life!

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