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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My September Goal...

I think a new month brings new opportunities and I am challenging my family once again. We tend to eat out much more than we should because we are out and about and need to pick up some food or I have failed to plan well and we just need to eat. This causes us to spend more money than we need to and also causes us to eat less healthily.

This month I am challenging my family to only eat 2 meals out the entire month. I have a prior engagement for tea that I am not including and my husband has a weekly breakfast with friends that I am not including in this challenge.

That means I will be making at least 87 meals at home this month, in order to reach my goal - and that number doesn't even include snacks! That number is a little daunting to me, so I am just going to take it one day at a time and try to stick to my meal plan better. You see, I meal plan every week and I'd say we stick to it about 75% of the time. In order to reach my goal, we'll have to be so much better at sticking to this meal plan.

I'll update you throughout the month on my progress, so keep your fingers crossed!

I challenge you to set a goal for yourself for September - make it anything you are hoping to achieve and keep track of it. If you are brave enough, feel free to share your goal with us. Happy September!!

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