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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome CW2 Daybreak Viewers!

Welcome! I wanted to recap what we talked about on the segment this morning to help you start slashing your grocery budget!

I think there are 3 big steps to really start saving money on your grocery bill.

Step 1 requires a change of thought and behavior in your shopping. Instead of deciding what you are going to have to eat and then going shopping for the items, I am challenging you to sit down with the weekly sales flyers of your local grocery store and plan your menu around what is on sale! Meal planning around store sales is the first step to saving money on your grocery bill! It may mean that you really want steak for dinner, but that chicken is on a great sale so you plan on eating chicken instead. See more information on Meal Planning here.

The second step to saving money on your grocery bill is to start using coupons. Pairing coupons with sales is a way to get items at their rock bottom prices, sometimes meaning you can get them for FREE or better than FREE! Using coupons doesn't have to be overwhelming or take up lots of your time. Head over here to learn how to start using coupons effectively to save the most money possible!

The final step to saving big at the grocery store is to stock up when prices are at rock bottom. Go here for more information on this critical step!

Once you've read through these posts, you are now ready to tackle the challenge of slashing your grocery budget! Since I've incorporated these strategies into how I shop, I've started saving an average of 65% from my grocery budget! That is money I now spend having fun. If you have questions after reading everything, please don't hesitate to contact me at thriftymomincolorado@gmail.com.

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