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Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you a AAA member?

If so, don't forget about many of the discounts available to you. Not only do you get discounts on car stuff and travel, but they have a program that allows their members to save money on other things as well.

One of my favorite discounts they offer is 10% off your orders at Target.com. Target is one of my favorite stores to shop and if you are ordering online, why not save some more money?

We've had a AAA membership for many years and I constantly forget that they have these savings partners that they work with. You may want to check out participating retailers here.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning us! I'm the social media manager for AAA Colorado. We are going to be adding a lot more savings partners in the coming year so definitely keep an eye on the website. At the moment we have about 150,000 locations where members get a discount.

    My personal favorite is the 20% off at shoes.com. Don't forget, to get the discounts when shopping online, you have to go to the retailer's website through www.AAA.com/discounts and then it's automatically applied. We get a lot of people asking why they can't find the AAA discount option on the retailer's website - that's the secret. :)