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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome CW2 Daybreak Viewers!

Wow, it has been a while! Today we talked about Using Coupons...What not to do!

Here's a recap of the information we discussed...
Using coupons that are not valid. Whether it is an expired coupon or a coupon that you are unsure of it's origin. If it is a coupon that you are unsure of, pass on the savings you would get - it isn't worth it. Deal sites sometimes link to printable coupons that are not authentic. I don't use a coupon unless I can track it to the companies website and verify it is not a fraudulent coupon.

Incomplete coupons - Make sure when you are cutting out coupons, you don't cut off any part of it. Retailers need the expiration date, fine print and all bar codes in order to get reimbursed for the coupon.

Using coupons for products other that what the coupon states it is valid for. There are many coupons that are valid on all kinds of products and many coupons that are only good on one or two products. Make sure to read the fine print and only use the coupon as intended.

Printable coupons - Most printable coupons allow you to print the coupon two times. Photocopying these is illegal. Each printable coupon has a unique number to it so that it can be tracked and monitored.

Peelie coupons are the ones are attached to products. Don't take them off of a product you aren't buying. Taking these coupons off of products you aren't buying is the equivalent of stealing. Saving a bit of money just isn't worth it.

Dumpster Diving - many cities and counties have rules against getting items out of dumpsters, whether it is a trash or recycling bin. There are tons of other ways to get multiple copies of coupons. Ask friends, family, neighbors that don't use coupons if they would mind giving you the coupons from their Sunday paper.

Taking coupon inserts out of newspapers. It's becoming more and more common to find Sunday newspapers where the coupon inserts have been taken out of from newspaper machines and store copies.

Not following store policies. Most stores have a corporate coupon policy and if not individual stores have rules and policies in regards to coupon usage. If you are unsure of your stores policy - ask! Not knowing and following couponing policies is a big no-no! Make yourself aware of the policies of the stores you regularly shop.

Don't try to be the Extreme Couponer. The show does not set a good example as to how to coupon effectively. Don't buy 200 tubes of toothpaste, unless you plan to donate it to organizations that can make good use of it.

Finally, only buy what you will use or donate. Even if it is free, it is wasteful to get a bunch of items that won't be used. If you aren't going to use it, donate it to someone who will! Buying items just because they are a good deal but are products you won't use is a great way to waste all of the money you will save using coupons!

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