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Monday, March 14, 2011

Walgreens Weekly Deals 3/13 - 3/19

The super hot diapers deal is back again this week - yeah! You can snag jumbo packs of Walgreens diapers for only $2.50/pack!!! Here's how...

Walgreens has their Jumbo pack Walgreens brand diapers on sale this week buy one, get one free. They are regularly $8.99 per pack.

Ask at the pharmacy or cosmetics counter for the "Infant Care" booklet and if they have it, you can snag jumbo packs of diapers for only $2.50 each! Here's how...

Buy any 2 (or in any increment of 2) jumbo packs of diapers = 2 x $8.99 = $17.98
The register will automatically take off the BOGO discount = - $8.99
Give the cashier the $2/1 coupon from the Infant Care book = - $4 - It will automatically deduct for the number of packages you buy, so for this example it will deduct $4 with only 1 coupon
Final Cost = $4.99 for 2 packs of diapers or $2.50 per pack!!

This coupon only works on diapers, so don't try to use it on their training pants. Also, since it is a Walgreens coupon you only need to have one coupon to get $2 per pack off. If you are nice to your cashier, you might ask if you can keep the coupon since it is a store coupon and not a manufacturer coupon, that way you can stock up any time Walgreens has these diapers on sale buy one, get one free! The coupon doesn't expire until December of this year, so you could get tons of cheap diapers through the remainder of the year!

These aren't the small packs of diapers either, the Size 1 had 50 diapers in it! Even if you don't have little ones in diapers, this would be a great item to pick up and drop off at your local shelter or food bank - they can never have enough diapers!

Also, you can head over here to Hip2Save for a complete list of Walgreens deals this week.

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